I am an artist exploring mediums such as mixed media, collage, printmaking, mosaic and watercolours.  I sell unique items of jewellery under my business name Fickle Nellie.

I often find myself searching for early 20th century design pieces that have a strong connection to my childhood memories of my grandmothers.  I am drawn to imagery of women from early to mid-20th century as the style of these eras was strong and distinct, with clean lines and elegance in design.

A big part of my artistic process is collecting and categorising objects that form a basis to my works.   Traces of these objects come through in my work of collage, printmaking process, specifically monoprints.

Julie Walker

Julie Walker

I have an intuitive process and a fascination with the aesthetic and tactility of vintage jewellery and design.  This yearning is for a time when there was more attention to detail in design, craftsmanship, beauty and sustainability, which contrasts to the mass production of cheaply made disposable items in modern society.

The combination of my experience as a woman and the relationships that I have experienced collide with my inspiration from vibrant colours and unique patterns, resulting in a merging of these influences in my works.